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The Mind Body Teeth
Dental Anxiety Clinic

Mind Body Teeth is excited to partner with Dr Shilpa Madiwale, principle Psychologist from the The Mind Body Practice to bring you this unique joint offering- The Dental Anxiety Clinic designed to address your dental anxiety and dental needs in one sitting.


Our patients can look forward to the following benefits from our joint consultation: 

  • Discover and manage the root cause of dental anxiety 

  • Comprehensive dental examination to understand short term and long term dental needs

  • A tailored plan by Dr Karve (Dentist) and Dr Madiwale (Psychologist)to hep you achieve your oral health goals 


Is your dental fear stopping you from seeking urgent care?

Are you tired of being terrorised at the dentist? You are not alone. As many as 40% of Australians report being anxious when visiting the dentist.


Australians with high dental anxiety wait an average of 17 days with a toothache before seeking dental care.

Dental anxiety is a complex phenomenon which cannot just be masked by sedation or happy gas


Mind Body Teeth Dental Anxiety Clinic looks to provide the following services


Understanding Dental Anxiety

  • Mind Body Teeth and Mind Body Practice offer a joint clinic to take a holistic look at the dental and psychological aspects of your dental anxiety

  • Up to 40 per cent of patients in the western world suffer from dental anxiety to varying degrees

  • Rather than masking anxiety with sedation options, our specialist ensure, we first understand the root cause of your dental anxiety and then tailor our approach for its management 

Holding Hands

Trauma Informed Care 

We are practice Trauma Informed Care 

  • Safety – Your emotional and physical safety is most important to us. We have a very calm welcoming clinic ready for you.

  • Trust – Our highly trained staff will always endeavour to be sensitive to your needs

  • Choice – We are committed to providing you with complete transparency and opportunity for choice throughout your care

  • Collaboration – We recognise the provision of care is a partnership. We promise to always work with you in this process. 



  • A highly sought after joint session with a psychologist and specialist dentist 

  • Medicare rebate for your consult with Dr Madiwale

  • Comprehensive dental examination including x-rays to understand your dental needs

  • Our unique service is proud to offer a range of supports to allow for provision dental care: Non-pharmacological (psychological) supports or traditional pharmacological supports (happy gas, sedation and general anaestheisa)  

Plant Mirror Reflection

Informative Video

Bite Magazine
Jan 8, 2013

Article: What you need

"Dr Karve thinks it’s time for Australian dentistry to start moving away from its longstanding fixation on a strictly medical model of oral care and start embracing a more holistic approach.


As with patients of all kinds, most dental patients would be better served, Dr Karve says, if practitioners looked beyond the immediate oral health issues at hand and concentrated more on what might be causing them.


Then again, most dental practitioners in Australia (and many other countries) have had little time or opportunity to deliver this sort of multi-dimensional care....."

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