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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ page addresses common questions that our patients, guardians and referrers have regarding bookings, our practice, treatment options etc.

  • How do I get to Mind Body Teeth?
    Mind Body Teeth is located in Suite 303, 172 Fox Valley Road Wahroonga. Detailed video instructions on how to travel to the SAN Parkway Clinic and access suite 303 is found in the "Getting There" section here.
  • I'm not a person with special needs. Can I still book an appointment?
    Yes we welcome all patients. We also look after the dental needs of all staff at the SAN hospital.
  • What is special needs dentistry and how do I know if it is right for me?
    Patients with special needs often have an intellectual disability and/or medical physical or psychiatric conditions or a combination. We also look after senior citizens, persons with mobility issues and people that are a little scared or anxious with a visit to the dentist. For more information special needs dentistry please refer to our blog here.
  • Is dental covered under NDIS?
    Unfortunately dental is not covered under NDIS. However your private health card, seniors card or veterans card may provide a rebate for your visit to Mind Body Teeth.
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